New cover and inlet artwork for volume 4 of the blue jacket show DVD and Blu Ray has been released!

The fourth home video releases in Japan on March 23rd, and includes a never before seen episode (outside of Italy), “Venice of the Dead.” A zombie epidemic has taken over the country and both Lupin and Rebecca are on the run. But, is all as it seems? Do the zombies really exist, or is there more at play? And why is Lupin dressed as one of those things?!

The episode has been marketed as a fun take on the zombie / horror genre and fans of George A. Romero’s work should enjoy it immensely.

Along with “Venice of the Dead”, episodes ten, eleven and twelve are also included, resulting in a total of four episodes and a running time of 72 minutes.

You can pre-order the DVD version of volume four over on CD Japan here, and the Blu Ray version here. If you’re importing either, watch out for import fee’s and customs charges!