Episodes "Venice of the Dead" and "Non-stop Rendezvous" of the blue jacket series will be DVD and Blu Ray exclusives in Japan.

A total of 24 episodes are scheduled to air on Japanese TV, while 26 episodes will be included as part of the home video releases, which begins with volume one on December 23rd.

"Venice of the Dead" and "Non-stop Rendezvous", which are to still air on TV in Italy (the former having already been shown), will be included exclusively on volumes four and eight of the DVD and Blu Ray releases in Japan. The only way to see these episodes will be to buy the home video releases next year.

Volume four releases on the 23rd of March, while volume right releases on the 20th of July.

This is a pretty sneaky way to get Japanese audiences to buy the disc releases - what do you guys think of this?

[Source: Anime Recorder, with thanks to Lupinthe3rd.com]