Image: Lupin VS Conan 01

Guess who’s first to purchase tickets for the upcoming Edinburgh showing of the latest cross over film?

Hang on a second… w-wait. What do you mean, someone beat me to it? The first ticket was purchased under the name K. Zenigata? I don’t believe this. Who could that be!?

Lupin and Conan’s latest adventure will be heading to Scotland’s capital as part of this years Scotland Loves Anime festival. The film will be showing at the Filmhouse cinema once only, at 15:40 on Sunday the 19th of October. Full price tickets cost £8.20 each. There will also be a Glasgow showing earlier in the month - which tickets are currently also on sale for at the Glasgow Film Theatre.

If you plan on coming to the Edinburgh showing and follow our site, send us a message! I’ll (Lee) be turning up with some of our Redbubble Lupin Central stickers and I’d like to give them to our followers, free of charge!

[Source: Filmhouse Cinema]