Our good buddy Oliver has reviewed the 2014 live action Lupin film over on website The Punk Effect!

Much like Oliver’s other articles on the site, the review features an in-depth look at what the film has to offer along with comparisons to other franchise works and some opinion, all written from the perspective of a Lupin fan.

For a franchise as long-running and influential as Lupin III, it’s surprisingly taken until 2014 for a big-budget live-action film to be made. Though a one-off slapstick comedy movie entitled Strange Psychokinetic Strategy was released in 1974, that particular picture is one most Lupin fans try to forget as it bore little resemblance with the original source material apart from the names, and was instead akin to watching an episode of The Benny Hill Show.

After years of development and speculation, cult favorite Japanese director Ryuhei Kitamura finally delivers a movie that’s respectful of the Lupin III legacy; featuring an all-star cast, tons of explosions, and the signature classy charm that we’ve come to expect from the monkey-faced thief. That being said, does it actually hold up as an enjoyable movie? The results are more complicated than one might think.

Check it out below - if you’re a fan of the franchise and are interested in hearing more about the film before jumping in, this is a good place to start.

[Source: The Punk Effect]