We’re hoping to kick off our special first full season of the Sideburns and Suit Jackets podcast, and we need your help!

If you messaged me (Lee) or EdgeMaverick in the previous months, requesting to be on the Lupin Central podcast and still wish to join (or if you didn't and would like to), could you please make your voice heard?

We’re hoping to kick off our first full season alongside the show (once subtitles are available), with shorter, sleeker episodes that should fit nicely alongside each of the 26 blue jacket adventures.

We have some guest slots still open, so if you have Skype and decent recording equipment (ie, a microphone that doesn't sound like it came free with a box of cereal), then give us a shout!

How to get in touch:

Send Lee a tweet via Twitter

Send an e-mail to the Lupin Central mail account

Send us or EdgeMaverick a fan mail or an ask via Tumblr