Image: Lupin Caffe 01

The Fiat Caffé in Aoyama, Tokyo has transformed into a live action Lupin museum!

For a limited time only, visitors will be able to view costumes, props and vehicles used in the upcoming live action film.

Image: Lupin Caffe 02

Both models of Lupin and companies trusty Fiat 500 are present, along with costumes from all actors / actresses. Huge posters and promotional images cover the walls and an LCD screen is currently showing preview footage from the film.

Image: Lupin Caffe 03

Caffé is the Italian word for coffee - and that's exactly what is sold at this Fiat 500 themed showroom come coffee house. The interior is lovely and we certainly wouldn't mind spending an afternoon there.

Image: Lupin Caffe 04

If you plan of visiting, make sure to take a trip there before the live action Lupin III exhibition ends on Thursday the 28th of August.

[Source: Fiat Caffé]