Image: Fiat Caffe Stolen 01

Remember the Lupin themed Fiat Caffé we posted about recently? Well, as of this morning… it has disappeared! Or so suggests the large note found on the side of the building.

It seems this most dreadful deed has been done by Lupin and his band of thieves, who have proudly announced their crime on the walls of the Caffé.

Image: Fiat Caffe Stolen 02

Now where are the good people of Tokyo going to drink their cappuccinos and eat their sponge cakes?!

Where has the Caffé gone and when will it return? Word is out that Inspector Zenigata is currently on the case and more information is to be released to the public shortly.

Image: Fiat Caffe Stolen 03

Check the official website below for more details!

[Source: Fiat Caffé]