Yuji Ohno's new album is now UP on Amazon!

The latest album from Ohno and the Lupintic Five is now available to purchase for 3,240 yen. The site also includes short previews of each track at the bottom of the page - so be sure to check them out! We definitely recommend checking out that version of the

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Yuji Ohno uploads preview of UPcoming album!

How cool is this? Yuji Ohno and the Lupintic Five have just uploaded a short preview of their new album, UP. The preview contains a new variation of the 1989 Lupin III theme song with a pretty snazzy music video to boot. It's great to see the guys still going

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Image: Album Cover

New Yuji Ohno album UP coming December 10th!

The team behind the music of the red jacket series and many of the recent TV specials will be releasing a brand new album this December. UP is the latest release for Yuji Ohno and the Lupintic Five and it will include 17 toe-tappingly good tracks. Special guest artists, all

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