Image: New Redbubble 01

New Lupin Central merch now available on Redbubble!

Hot damn. We have just added a whole bunch of stylish new Lupin Central goodies over on our Redbubble store! Check 'em out! We have lowered the mark-up price for these latest designs, hopefully making them a little more affordable. Lowering the mark-up means less profit for us, but better

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Lupin Central staff update!

Today I would like to take a small amount of time introducing a couple of new staff members to our site, along with re-introducing the fine folks behind Lupin Central so far. Without further ado, here are the oldbies! Founder, Editor. Hello! I’m Lee and I became a big

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Image: Redbubble Page

Lupin Central Redbubble store is now open for business!

Yes - indeed! We are now super excited to announce that you can buy Lupin Central merchandise over on our very own Redbubble store! There you can find many items, sporting our new look logo and artwork. We can’t believe there is so much to choose from! There are

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Welcome to Lupin Central!

Ta-da! Welcome to the all new Lupin Central website. What do you think? We still have a couple of things we would like to tweak, but we will be soon opening up to user feedback, so feel to write up some comments in preperation. We want everybody to have their

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