Concept art by Yasuo Otsuka!

Here are a few photos of concept art drawn by none other than Yasuo Otsuka! The now 83 year old animator and character designer originally began work with Lupin III back in 1971, when the original green jacket TV series got a bit of an over-haul a few episodes in.

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Lupin III Part Two design sheets!

Check out this awesome prototype design sheet for the second Lupin TV series! The image below is of the final design, taken from an old factoid book that I own called “The Lupin Report.” Which do you prefer?

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Image: Yuji Ohno

An important Yuji Ohno update...!

Yuji Ohno gives his new album a big thumbs UP! UP, the latest album by Yuji Ohno and friends will be released on December 10th! You can check out the albums track list here.

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Image: Fan Art 01

A Leonnie-themed Lupin update!

We have had a quick update from our reporter, the lovely Leonnie Lim! She would like to share with us a sketch she has made during the breaks in-between her studies, created in celebration of the new 2015 Blupin the Third show. Pictured is a female variant of the character

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Image: Zenigata

New promo images for live action film hit the web!

There are currently lots of live action Lupin III promotional images over on Chinese website Douban. Get ‘em while they’re hot! We really love the character portraits - they all look fantastic! [Source: Douban]

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Image: Lupin Festival 01

The Hamanaka Lupin museum in pictures!

These are the grounds of the Lupin Festival, which takes place every year in Monkey Punch’s home town of Hamanaka. We hope to visit there someday, but until then, we’ll just enjoy the photos! We can imagine many people taking a visit to Jigen’s Bar during the

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New live action photos show supporting cast!

Live action Lupin’s nemesis, Michael Lee and other supporting characters make an appearance in this latest batch of promotional photos. The supporting cast will also feature three other thieves, all with different skills and personalities. The exciting new roles include Jerry Yan as Michael Lee, Kim Joon as Pierre

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Live action Lupin crew got style!

Find below some freeze frames of the stylish intro video from the upcoming live action Lupin III film! Don’t worry Goemon fans. Although he doesn’t show up in the new footage of this introduction, we know for sure he’s in the film. He’s bound to be

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