TMS have confirmed on their official Japanese news channel that the first episode of "Part 5" will air in Japan on the 3rd of April at 25:29 on AnichU NTV!

"Part 5" will eventually air on several broadcasting networks in Japan, including Northern Japan Broadcasting (Toyama), Sapporo TV, Chukyo TV, FBS Fukuoka, and more. The broadcasting time and date for each station will be announced separately, and for now will make its April 3rd debut on AnichU NTV only.

In addition to broadcast details, TMS have also provided further information on the supporting cast of "Part 5". The girl with the red hair on the far left of the picture above, named Ami Enan, is a "genius hacker". The guy on the far right, Gorō Yadagarasu, works for the ICPO and is a new subordinate of Inspector Zenigata! The wily looking chap in the middle, Albert Dandorojii (possibly a mistranslated d'Andresy, which would match the surname of Henriette d'Andresy, mother of the original Arsené Lupin I) is very likely the series villain, who apparently has a strong connection to Lupin's past...

TMS will reveal more details on the new series at AnimeJapan2018, which runs from March 24th - 25th. Expect voice actor panels featuring the ladies and gents behind the main and supporting cast members, and more!

For more updates on "Part 5", be sure to keep an eye on TMS' official Japanese Twitter page for the latest updates (in Japanese, of course)!