Heads up, Lupin fans!

An article on The Real Live Web site reveals that Japanese TV broadcaster Nippon Television will be investing 10 billion yen for a huge Lupin III project.

The project will involve an "expansion" to other countries in Europe like Germany, France and Belgium. I have a feeling it may mean another new series coming our way!

The article also sheds light on the voice actors’ incomes, which is a big scoop, indeed!

Kobayashi, the voice of Jigen, gets the highest sum of 800,000 yen for one job. Both Kurita and Yamadera (Lupin and Zenigata) get 500,000 yen each, whereas Namikawa (Goemon) receives 400,000 yen. Last but not least, 300,000 yen for Fujiko’s Sawashiro. It is said that their incomes are 3-4 times the amount when there’s a Lupin movie involved, such as the recent Jigen spin-off by Takeshi Koike.

Thank you, Liam Scanlan, for the news tip!

- Leonnie