In addition to the new PV, key artwork and screen shots for the upcoming Lupin "Part 5" have been released to the public!

The new key artwork, shown above, features a swanky new illustration by Yokobori Hisao. The main cast members are featured here (sans Zenigata, sorry pops) along with new female protagonist Ami Enan, a genius hacker.

In addition, the official website has had an update and features new sections. This includes a coming soon "music" section, which reveals the names of two OST's that are to be released alongside the series, "Si Bon, Si Bon!" and "The other side of Lupin The Third Part V ~ FRENCH". Price and pre-order details are also included (in Japanese, of course)!

A bunch of new screen shots have also been shown, teasing the new show. Check a few of them out below!

More screen shots of the new series can be found at Biglobe Entertainment, but keep your eyes peeled on the official "Part 5" website for further details and media related to the show!

Don't miss Lupin "Part 5" when it airs for the first time in Japan on NTV on the 3rd of April at 25:29 (01:29am)! Stay tuned for more details!