Lupin III Part One and Part Two magazine and DVD collection coming soon to Japan!

It seems TMS will be bringing the green and red jacket series to DVD once again in Japan, as part of a collection bundled with a bi-weekly magazine from Kodansha. TV episodes will release at a discounted price, hitting stores in four episode volumes alongside the magazine.

According to the site, we will be getting all 23 green jacket episodes and all 155 red jacket ones (a total of 178 episodes) as part of the set! Now that's a lot'a Lupin! The lack of part three, the pink jacket series is more than a little disappointing, though...

The "first edition" in the series will release in most magazine stores around Japan on January the 27th next year. Every episode will be getting liner notes, which are to be included as part of each issue. Pre-orders are expected to hit this December.

The first edition will retail for only 760 yen, which is a lot cheaper when compared to standard price of 1520 yen.

We will post more details, including pre-order links, as they become available.

[Source: Official Site / PR Times]