Image: Poster

A full-sized promotional poster for the upcoming Lupin III musical and revue show performed by Takarazuka Revue’s Snow Troupe has been released.

Along with Lupin III and Marie-Antoinette, other characters from the series also make their appearance in this poster. The catchphrase on the right side reads: “The next treasure will be Marie-Antoinette."

The main cast are as follows:

  • Lupin III - Sagiri Seina
  • Marie-Antoinette - Sakihi Miyu
  • Inspector Zenigata - Yumeno Seika
  • Mine Fujiko - Daigo Seshiru
  • Count of Cagliostro - Nozomi Futo
  • Ishikawa Goemon - Ayanagi Sho
  • Jigen Daisuke - Ayakaze Sakina

Lupin III ~ Chase After the Queen’s Necklace! ~ / Fancy Guy! will begin in January, 2015.

[Source: Takarazuka Revue]