Today we have learnt some exciting new information on the upcoming Lupin III musical. The all-female show will be performed by Takarazuka Revue and will begin showings during January, 2015.

Image: Musical Preview Image

The musical’s title has now been revealed - it’s called 『ルパン三世 ―王妃の首飾りを追え!―』which translates to Lupin III ~ Chase After the Queen’s Necklace! ~

The show is to be performed by the Snow Troupe, led by Top Star actress Sagiri Seina as Lupin III. The female lead role, actress Sakihi Miyu, will play the character Marie Antoinette. Queen’s Necklace will also conclude with a Revue show, titled Fancy Guy.

So far there is no further information on the story, although it promises to be filled with romance and adventure. Only a small preview image has been released so far - but expect to see a full sized poster very soon.

Considering the title and the attire of Marie Antoinette, we can only speculate that we will see Lupin travelling back through time to steal a precious treasure.

Our lovely reporter, Leonnielim, plans to visit the troupe and see the musical at the start of next year. She hopes to compose a full written review sometime afterwards, so look forward to that!

[Thanks, Leonnielim!]

[Source: Takarazuka Revue]