Image: New Redbubble 01

Hot damn. We have just added a whole bunch of stylish new Lupin Central goodies over on our Redbubble store! Check 'em out!

We have lowered the mark-up price for these latest designs, hopefully making them a little more affordable. Lowering the mark-up means less profit for us, but better prices for you! Besides, come pay day we plan on buying some for ourselves!

If any of the new designs tickle your fancy and you do decide to purchase any Men's or Women's t-shirts, be sure to enter the code RBTEES15 at the checkout. It gives you 15% off, but hurry as this offer is for a limited time only!

Image: New Redbubble 02

A huge thanks to the lovely Sarah for coming up with all of the latest designs. Be sure to check her out on Tumblr and Twitter, then give our Twitter account a follow (which Sarah helps run.)

[Source: Redbubble]