Junichi Iioka, writer and producer of many Lupin III works is releasing a new book at the end of this month, on March 24th.

The 70 year old animation veteran has been in the industry since the very first Lupin III TV series, back in 1971. Since then, he's written and produced many Lupin III films (including Stolen Lupin, Operation Return the Treasure and Alcatraz Connection.) He's also worked as a story editor on many Case Closed films and television episodes, most recently contributing to the story of Lupin III VS Detective Conan: The Movie as an editor.

The title of his latest book roughly translates to My "Lupin III" Struggles and tells some previously untold stories behind the production of various Lupin works. It is 232 pages in length and it's bound to have some very interesting information within, surely a must-buy for any fan of Japanese animation!

[Source: Kawade]