The official Japanese Lupin news channel has announced an upcoming 50th anniversary project!

The project is to be directed and overseen by franchise creator Monkey Punch, and will feature scenes and references from the past 50 years of Lupin III. The teaser image, pictured below, shows Lupin in his formula one racing outfit from the first episode of the 1971 green jacket episode. This episode was named (in English) "Is Lupin Burning...?!" and it appears the upcoming new series / special is to be named "Is Lupin Still Burning...?!", obviously a direct reference to the first episode of the original series.

Is this a new TV special, a mini-series, or something entirely different? Judging by the teaser image, the style certainly looks like an updated version of the original 1971 artwork. As such, we would imagine this will be unrelated to the upcoming "Part V" series, which is to be set in France. We'll post more details as they come in!