The official Twitter account for the upcoming Takeshi Koike directed Jigen film has updated with some new images!

Image: Koike Fujiko

These show a very colourful looking Mine Fujiko as she is to appear in the 50 minute long animated feature, which will release in select cinemas this June.

The film is set shortly after the 2012 spin-off TV show in which Fujiko took the lead role. This time around it's Daisuke Jigen's turn to take the spotlight as him and a blue-jacket red tie wearing Lupin officially become partners in crime.

Image: Koike Fujiko 2

Daisuke Jigen's Gravestone will run from June 21st to June 29th at the Wald 9 cinema in Tokyo, Japan. You can check out the thirty second teaser trailer right here.

[Source - Twitter]