Two of five upcoming blue jacket themed S.H FiguARTs have been detailed in advance of an upoming toy fair in Japan this week! The figurines are to be produced by Bandai and will go on sale sometime next year.

The figurines shown off so far are a blue jacket wearing Lupin III and a Mine Fujiko, sporting her famous bike attire. Still to be shown are Jigen, Goemon and Inspector Zenigata.

While these do look nice, and have great potential to be modelled into lots of different poses, we can't help but think that Lupin's face looks a little... off. It needs more of a cheeky smile, rather than a semi-serious look! The Fujiko figurine looks great, though!

We also can't help but love the French names for the characters listed at the source link below. Edgar de la Cambriole (Lupin), Isidor (Jigen), Inspecteur Gaston Lacogne (Inspector Koichi Zenigata.) Fantastique!

[Source: Toyz Mag]