A rough date has finally been revealed for the new blue jacket Lupin III TV series. The show is planned to air in Italy this May, however it has been delayed in Japan until Fall 2015. The show will premiere on the Mediaset television network when it airs in Italian next month, and NTV will broadcast the show when it comes to Japan this fall.

Fans can rest assured that Yuji Ohno will also be making a return, as the lead composer in charge of the new series soundtrack. The official Twitter account specifically mentions that Ohno composed the soundtrack to Lupin III: Part 2 (the red jacket series), so I would expect to hear something along those same lines in blue jacket!

There is currently a lot of confusion on the air dates - we have revised this article a number of times now, but we’re sticking with our original post. It seems the blue jacket premiere WILL be next month in Italy, and not until this Fall in Japan.

We will keep you posted as more news becomes available.

[Source: Twitter]