Monkey Punch was present at the premiere of Takarazuka Snow Troupe's musical / revue show on New Year's Day, expressing his delight at the end of the performance.

"This is my first time seeing a Takarazuka show," he said. "It was great and I am deeply moved to see the world of Lupin III presented in a new light. I have also gained some inspiration for future works."

"I'm glad that Monkey Punch-sensei is satisfied," said the troupe's top star Sagiri Seina, who played our favourite thief. "I was nervous at first, but now I can relax a little. There will be many fans of the franchise who will come to see us, so I hope to do my best until the last day."

When asked what he thought about Sagiri's Lupin, Monkey Punch had this to say: "Her style and the way she stands very much resembles Lupin. Especially the last scene. When she stood with her back to the audience... I thought it was as though a scene from my artwork came to life. She has done her research well and I'm deeply impressed with her efforts."

Lupin III ~ Chase after the Queen's Necklace! / Fancy Guy! will be showing at the Takarazuka Grand Theatre until 2nd February.

[Thanks, Leonnie!]