Image: Loppi 01

MediCom Toys have announced Loppi, a Lupin III themed BE@RBRICK!

Japanese toy manufacturing company MediCom are creating a special Lupin III themed Bearbrick figurine. The character, named Loppi, has been created to coincide with the launch of the upcoming live action film which hits cinemas on August 30th.

The Bearbrick is not too dissimilar to MediCom's Kubrick line, which is something toy fans outside of Japan may recognise. Not unlike a Kubrick figurine, the Bearbrick is a small plastic depiction of a cartoon character. The difference with these particular ones however is that the character, in most instances, is a bear.

Image: Loppi 02

There are many different bear figurines to collect and they have proved quite popular in Japan. They can come in many different sizes, with some made of plastic, others of wood and there are even special ones built from glow in the dark material! You can read up on them a little more over on Wikipedia.

What do you think of him? Isn't that little pot belly adorable? Just one look and it's obvious what Loppi here sets his sights on when thieving goods - and that's pies. Lots of pies.

[Source: MediCom Toys]