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Dear Lupin Central,

My brothers; Connor, Reilly and I are fans of Lupin III. You may recall that Lupin VS Detective Conan: The Movie and the new live-action Lupin III film have both proved quite successful (the latter of which is a little worse, most likely due to the CG Doraemon film releasing at box office around the same time.)

Let's now take a quick look at Lupin the 3rd: 3DCG:

The video you can see above shows a pilot film for what may have been a CG feature starring our favourite gentleman thief. The short animated video was created in collaboration between TMS (the Japanese studio behind the anime) and fellow Sega Sammy subsidiary Marza Animation Planet. The pilot DID make its way onto the 2012 Master File DVD, but that's a different story.

Why am I bringing this up, you ask? TMS have a CG studio of its own, called TOCSIS. This studio has been around since 2008 and I actually think that this was the reason the original 3D CG film may have been shelved.

Image: Lupin 3D CG

Now, the service page included on the TOCSIS website shows some sort of second attempt at getting a computer-generated version of Lupin off the ground.

It's either this, or another video game / pachinko slot machine with 3D graphics (I'm not really sure.) It shows Lupin wearing a gold-colored tie rather than the pinkish-purple one that he wore in the pilot included on the Master File DVD.

The TOCSIS site appears to have been updated very recently, since the corporate profile linked above says it has 27 staff members "as of 2014." I personally think that the announcement of Lupin III 3D: (insert subtitle here) may be well be coming soon!

Hello, Liam!

While I would personally love to see a 3DCG animated feature film in the spirit of the short animation shown on the Master File DVD, I think it's a little unlikely.

I believe the images you can see shown on the service page at the TOCSIS website are actually from a Pachinko Slot machine, as evidenced below:

With that said, I would have probably thought that a 3D film was more likely than a live action one - and that happened! I personally love the 3DCG short, so I would be super excited to see a feature film in this style.

Lupin has certainly been growing in popularity once again over the past couple of years. Who knows what the future might bring?