Here’s some Yuji Ohno goodness for your ears, this Monday morning / afternoon!

The above sound track is from 1979′s Ougon No Inu (Golden Dog) series, the soundtrack of which was composed by Yuji Ohno. As told by the TV series’ IMDB page, Golden Dog sees a Korean girl lose her beloved dog while moving with her family. The rest of the TV show is about the girl and the dog trying to find each other. The show was also released in Czechoslovakia where it was very popular in the 1980′s, with the title Goro, bílý pes.

LThere are many similarities to Lupin III: Part 2 in terms of the sound track here, as obviously, it was composed around the same time. It’s a great listen, and a piece of Ohno’s past that we’re sure many people are still yet to experience.