I want to dance! I want to sing! I want to capture Lupin and arrest everything! Lupin the Third: The Musical is planned for 2015!

Image: Cagliostro Flyer

Yes. It's actually happening. The fabulous, extravagant, musical stage show sing-a-long spectacular YOU have been waiting for. Lupin the Third: The Musical is currently planned to hit Japan on January 1st, 2015.

Oh my! The musical will be taking place at the Tokyo Takarazuka Theater and will start the New Year off with a bang. The show will begin on the 1st of January and will run until the 2nd of February. After a short break, the show will then resume on the 20th of February and will run all the way until the 22nd of March.

Screenplay is to be directed by Koyanagi Naoko and Lupin, Fujiko, Jigen, Goemon and Inspector Zenigata have all been confirmed to make an appearance. The performance promises to be full of romance, love, comedy and excitement.

Image: Cagliostro Flyer

The action will take place at the Tokyo Takarazuka Theater which currently seats over two thousand people.

We cannot wait to see, and more importantly, hear more. Stay tuned to Lupin Central for more information on the upcoming musical as it happens!

[Source - Cinema Today]