As rumored a couple of weeks back, another Lupin film from Takeshi Koike has been announced. The film is a direct sequel to 2014's Daisuke Jigen's Gravestone, and it is the next installment in the Fujiko Mine storyline.

The film, which is titled "Lupin the IIIrd: The Blood Spray of Ishikawa Goemon" will star the samurai thief in the central role, but judging by the recent teaser trailer, all cast members are due to show up. As with Jigen's Gravestone, there is sure to be more bloodshed involved, as implied in the films title. The Fujiko Mine series of animated works is certainly quite a lot darker than the usual "classic" Lupin style stuff - and as mentioned in our review of the most recent entry, it's certainly not every bodies cup of tea!

The upcoming film will be hitting cinemas in Japan next year, from February the 4th. James Shimoji will be back to compose the soundtrack, alongside Takeshi Koike who will once again be in the directors chair. Yuuya Takahashi will be completing the screen play, while Yu Kiyozono will be producing alongside Koike.

Check out the films official website here, and keep an eye on Lupin Central for more news as it comes!

[Source: "The Blood Spray of Ishikawa Goemon" Official Website]