The Lupin Part IV series is coming to Blu-Ray in the UK later this year!

It seems we missed this announcement back in May (thanks for letting us know, Uno Bossard), but it seems the latest series of Lupin III is getting a home video release in the UK towards the end of the year.

All 26 episodes of the show will release across two volumes. Part one of the fourth series is set to release during the fourth quarter of 2016, while part two will release later next year. The series is releasing in HD on Blu-Ray only - sorry, DVD folks!

It’s suspected the series may hit shelves in November, complete with Richard Epcar’s new English dub, but this has yet to be confirmed by All The Anime.

As a UK resident myself, I find this news positively spiffing!

We’ve reached out to All The Anime for more information. We’ll be sure to post up any additional information we may receive!

[Source: All The Anime @ Twitter]

EDIT: We have updated this post with more information from the All The Anime news blog, which can be found here. Thanks again to Uno from Twitter for pointing us in the direction of this new info!

UPDATE: All The Anime has confirmed a delay to 2017 for the first part of this UK Blu Ray release as they are looking into acquiring the recent English dub, which is performed by Richard Epcar and the gang!