Lupin III Part IV (also known as the "blue jacket" series) is coming to Toonami in the US!

The popular american TV channel Adult Swim will begin airing the English dub of the 2015 animated series as part of their weekly Toonami programming block. The first episode is currently due to air on Saturday, June 17th at 2am.

While the news post linked in the source below mentions the show will be dubbed in English, we're not sure if this is indeed Richard Epcar's English dub, which reunites the original Lupin Part II Pioneer / Geneon voice cast. We've reached out to the man himself for a comment.

This is great news for not only Lupin fans in the US, but for fans all over the world. Lupin Part II aired in English back on Toonami between 2003 - 2007, and the show saw a surge of popularity in the West as a result. Now that the fantastic Part IV will be showing in America, we can only hope that it helps the franchise gain even more traction and a larger fan base in the West.

Edit: Discotek Media have confirmed that they are involved with the Toonami broadcast, which means the version shown on Adult Swim will be the Richard Epcar dub mentioned above. The DVD and Blu Ray version is still due to drop in the US this year. Exciting!

[Source: Animation Scoop]