Lupin III "Part 5" gets a new PV trailer, 3 weeks ahead of its premiere on April 3rd!

The above trailer teases the new series, featuring characters, plot and also the updated soundtrack! The new show, as clearly evidenced by the above trailer, will be set in modern day France and will involve a mysterious new villain with a strong connection to the Arsène Lupin I legacy.

Included in the video is the iconic red jacket theme song, composed and arranged by Yuji Ohno (specifically the fourth version of the "Lupin Part II" tune, remixed with a French feeling)! Ohno will be scoring the rest of the series when it airs in April, just as he did with 2015's "Part 4".

Don't miss Lupin "Part 5" when it airs for the first time in Japan on NTV on Wednesday the 3rd of April at 25:29 (01:29am)! Stay tuned for more details!