TMS Entertainment USA and Crunchyroll have announced that the upcoming Lupin III "Part 5" anime will broadcast on the Crunchyroll streaming service! The show will air simultaneously with the Japanese release, which premieres on NTV at 01:29am on Wednesday the 4th of April (written in Japan as 25:29 on Tuesday the 3rd of April).

Along with the announcement, TMS Entertainment USA has the following information to share regarding the new series:

Lupin the 3rd Part 5 (24 x 30-minute episodes) is going to reveal the secret life story of how Lupin III came to be the world's greatest thief. Lupin III, grandson of the infamous phantom thief Arsène Lupin, is a notorious thief who never fails in taking what he targets. Lupin works along with Daisuke Jigen, Goemon Ishikawa, and Fujiko Mine. Despite dealing against Inspector Zenigata, who has dedicated his life to capturing Lupin, they continue to swiftly take their targeted treasures. The series will be based in France, focusing on Lupin's roots and origin, something that has been kept a mystery for 50 years…until now!

The first episode is titled "Twin Tower no Shōjo" (The Girl of the Twin Towers), and features Ichiro Okouchi as script writer and Keiko Oyamada as director. The opening animation for the new series was released to the public earlier today, and can be seen here.

The series will broadcast in the following territories: North America, South and Central America, UK, Ireland, Australia, New Zealand, South Africa. The first episode is due to become available on the service at 11:30am Pacific time (7:30pm UK time) on Tuesday the 3rd of April.

Renew those subscriptions and be sure to keep an eye on Crunchyroll for brand new episodes of Lupin III "Part 5" each week!