The Japanese Lupin news channel has officially announced Lupin III "Part 5", with a brand new teaser image, production information, a website and social media pages.

As stated over on Animate Times, "Part 5" will be set in modern day France, and will feature lots of high tech stuff. As confirmed on the series new Twitter account, the show will see Yuichiro Yano back in the directors seat, with Yuji Ohno handling the soundtrack. Hisao Yokobori will be working on character design, while Monkey Punch is credited as creator. The show will be animated and produced, by Studio Telecom.

The teaser image has a feeling of sci-fi about it, and I could only hazard a guess that the chap on Lupin's left is the new villain (potential a hacker, or cyber terrorist?) Lupin himself dons his blue jacket from "Part 4", but wears a fancy new eye piece that doesn't look too dissimilar to the monocle wore by the original Arsène Lupin. It may just be this teaser image, but Lupin himself looks a lot more serious and adult here. Whether or not this is any indication of how the show will be, we don't know.

A short teaser video for Lupin III "Part 5" will air this Friday night on Nippon TV. The teaser will air at 9pm, after "The Castle of Cagliostro", which is getting a rebroadcast that same evening.

The Japanese broadcast is currently penciled in with a rough date of "April, 2018". Please stay tuned for an official air date, which is to be announced in the next couple of months.