Image: Promotional Artwork

Have you checked out the new special website for Lupin III ~ Chase After The Queen’s Necklace! ~ / Fancy Guy! yet? If you haven’t, then we suggest you go here.

While further updates have yet to emerge, promotional leaflets for the upcoming musical are also available at the Takarazuka Grand Theatre. In addition, we now have our hands on the story synopsis!

  • Musical: Lupin III ~ Chase After The Queen’s Necklace!
  • From the very masterpiece created by Monkey Punch that has been overwhelmingly popular for generations, Lupin III will appear for the first time on the Takarazuka Revue stage.

    Set in modern-day France, Lupin and his team crash in during the “Marie-Antoinette’s Necklace” exhibition at the Palace of Versailles. But just as they were about to succeed in stealing the necklace, they suddenly experience a time slip back to the eve of the French revolution … and meet Marie-Antoinette in person! Will Lupin be able to return back to his own time? And what has happened to the treasure?

    Featuring new Top Star Sagiri Seina and partner Sakihi Miyu, we hope you enjoy this exciting performance at the New Year’s opening of the Grand Theatre in 2015!

  • Fantastic Show: Fancy Guy!
  • A challenging and refreshing revue show will glorify the first step into Takarazuka’s 101th year of entertaining.

    Performed by Sagiri Seina and her Snow Troupe team, these ‘fancy guys’ come in their dandy best to take your imagination to places such as Paris, Rome, Vienna, and Madrid, and enthral you with free-spirited dancing that is sometimes sweet, sometimes sad, and at other times exciting.

    Lupin III ~ Chase After the Queen’s Necklace! ~ / Fancy Guy! will begin in January, 2015. As both a fan of Takarazuka and Lupin, I (Leonnie) surely look forward to seeing this!

    [Source: Takarazuka Revue]