In this episode, show hosts Ryan and Mike get all up close and personal with Lupin Central's Lee to discuss the recent news of the new television series.

There's Lupin news, Blupin speculation and plenty of fun and antics for everyone to enjoy!

Image: New Art 01

BUT WAIT... there are four jackets now, right? Well well... It seems like the 3 Jackets podcast needs a new name, and it's up to YOU to help decide what it will be!

While you're visiting their site, feel free to cast a vote in their podcast naming poll. It can be found in the column to the right of the page. No registration is required, so just go for it!

Here are the choices:

  • Lupin Has 4 Jackets
  • Lupincast
  • The Sideburn Revue
  • Talking Lupin
  • Thieves and Spies
  • The Lupin Report
  • Monkey Punch-Out
  • 4 Thieves and 1 Cop

[Source: Lupin Has 3 Jackets Podcast]