OK. I (Lee) need to vent some Lupin stuff and I figured, what better place to do it than here?! Unlike our usual news posts, this is going to be quite informal. Hopefully you guys don’t mind, but let us know if you do!

Not only do I wish to vent, but I also do want to hear from you guys. What do you think about the recent announcement? Why do you think the series has been delayed (in Japan, at least?) Leave a comment, be it written - audio - video - anything! We want to hear from you, tell us what you think!

This post will be full of speculation and comments that should not be taken as gospel. You can check out what we know already about the blue jacket delay in our earlier post here.

The new Blue Jacket Lupin series was originally pinned for a Spring 2015 release. The series was to air in Italy first, then Japan shortly after. Today, we learned that the series has been delayed in Japan to “Fall 2015.” This fits in nicely with their TOHO cinema schedule, which will run on to October this year.

Most sources have posted about said delay, but very little has been reported on the Italian release date. While Japanese sites are posting up the news about the Japanese delay, only the official blue jacket Lupin account on Twitter has mentioned the Italian date.

It has been determined that broadcasting will happen in Italy this may ahead of the world and in Japan this fall on NTV! The music is to be created by Yuji Ohno who gave birth to the Lupin III: Part 2 theme. Stay tuned!

As of this moment, we are 99% sure the series will air in Italy (in some form) this May!

The Japanese media don’t seem to be covering it, but according to the official account’s tweet, Italy should indeed expect something next month. Whether that be the full series or perhaps just one or two episodes, we have no idea!

Here’s the fun part! Let’s do some speculating on why the broadcast has been postponed for Japanese audiences. As I mentioned above, this is pure speculation. Simply a few ideas whizzing around my head, but it’s fun to voice them!

The series has been delayed to give Italian audience exclusivity

It’s no secret the team behind Lupin are wooing Italian fans with this new show. The plot is set around Italy and San Marino, for starters!

The franchise has been very popular in Italy for a long time now, arguably more so than in Japan throughout recent years. There is a much money to be made from this audience, so a big premier so far ahead of the Japanese air date is very rewarding for them - and they deserve it! There’s even a chance Italian companies may be co-producing, and they may have negotiated to get the show early.

The series has been delayed for added production time

I know it sounds bad, but I am actually doubting this will be the case.

We already know the show is in production and work seems to be going well. In 2012, we saw very little of The Woman Named Fujiko Mine, and it still met its air date. There was rumour of the staff behind the spin-off show working down to the wire to get things done. It is what it is - a rumour - but if they didn't delay that, why would they delay this?

I have been following the franchise for five years now, and not once do I remember something being delayed after it was first announced. Feel free to correct me if I’m wrong, but it’s highly unusual that this would happen now. At the same time though, unlike The Woman Named Fujiko Mine, we got nothing from Anime Japan 2015. No art - no trailers - no dates. 

Maybe the Japanese specific production really is the issue here? Which leads me onto...

The Japanese dub has yet to begin recording

Bear with me on this one - but, it’s possible the Japanese dub hasn’t gone swimmingly.

Remember those rumours of Kanichi Kurita having relationship problems and quitting his role as Lupin? Sure, they were rumours. But what if they were true! It would take time to cast another Lupin, as it’s a decision I doubt anybody would take lightly. There would also be a big reveal before something like this happens, ala the previous voice actor changeover back in 2011 (alongside Blood Seal ~ Eternal Mermaid.) That made the morning news in Japan!

It’s a stretch and it’s something I think will be very unlikely - but it’s still a theory all the same.

Maybe Italy is just the best?

I dunno. Maybe you guys just rock. Good for you, we love you! :D

Hopefully this vent post will clarify a few things, but it’s sure to raise a few new questions too.

We wont make a habit of posts like this, but I wanted to voice my opinions and thoughts ahead of the series début, and also listen to what everybody else has to say. Get replying!

Feel free to get in touch and of course, stay tuned for more blue jacket news as it happens!