Well, this is certainly awesome and surprising news!

Please note that the below information is mostly taken from a recent news article by Anime News Network:

A live action TV series starring Lupin III's Inspector Zenigata will be coming to NTV in 2017. NTV, WOWOW, and Hulu Japan are collaborating on the project, with NTV showing the main story, and WOWOW and Hulu Japan showing different stories after the NTV airing.

Tarō Ōtani (NTV) and Hitoshi Iwamoto (AXON) are directing the series, while Masahiro Yamaura, Tetsuya Oishi, Naoya Takayama, Junpei Yamaoka, and others pen the scripts.

The series will star Ryohei Suzuki as Kōichi Zenigata, a serious and obstinate detective who is usually dedicated to tracking down international thief Lupin III. He is part of the Metropolitan Police Department CID, as well as Interpol.

Joining Suzuki will be former AKB48 idol Atsuko Maeda as Natsuki Sakuraba, a young detective at the Metropolitan Police Department CID Division 1 who values order and organization. Her father was a policeman who died in the line of duty, and she followed his path to become a policeman as well.

Also, Takahiro Miura will star as Shintarō Kunikida, a detective at the Metropolitan Police Department CID Division 1 who has not yet managed to find success in his career. He can't hold his liquor and easily cries, often thinking that he is not cut out to be a detective. When he and Zenigata move to solve the case of a mysterious explosion, he begins to learn many things from the stubborn detective.

Hopefully this latest live action attempt is better than the recent 2014 Ryuhei Kitamura film. The concept of a series with Inspector Zenigata in the lead role has already gotten us excited. Fingers crossed for the show as it launches next year!

[Source: A huge thank you to Anime News Network for all of the great translation work and information, and Comic Natalie for the press images!]