Image: Tomoyasu Hotei x Shun Ogui

The official website for the upcoming live action Lupin III has announced that the film will include a brand new theme song by popular artist, Tomoyasu Hotei!

The track is named TRICK ATTACK - Theme of Lupin III and according to today’s press release, it isn’t intended to replace Yuji Ohno’s iconic Shin Lupin theme. A new track has been created to help keep the live action adaption feeling separate from it’s animated counter part. The staff behind the film are also secretly hoping for it to have a worldwide appeal… but it’s not like Yuji Ohno’s doesn’t already - we can attest to that!

Hotei began his career as the guitarist for the incredibly popular Japanese 80’s band, Boøwy. He then went on to have a successful solo career and has since had his music featured in many famous films, including the track Battle Without Honor or Humanity which starred in Quentin Tarantino’s Kill Bill.

Hotei is a self admitted Lupin fan and he now lives in London, UK. We cannot wait to hear his new track alongside the live action film once it launches in cinemas across Japan on August 30th!

[Source: Cinema Today]