Image: Live Action

It looks like red and black jackets might not be the only ones making an appearance in the upcoming live action Lupin III film!

A new cross-promotion has been announced today between the film, TOMY and the Fiat car company.

A promotional image released alongside it shows Shun Oguri as Lupin, dressed smartly in a Cagliostro style velvet green jacket with yellow tie. Previously, only red and black jackets have been shown. Maybe we’ll be seeing a sexy pink velvety jacket too? We hope so!

The promotion will see toy company TOMY producing a new line of models, specifically of the Fiat 500 car over the years. We posted a mesmerizing, hypnotic spin video (just the way you like it) of the model a little while back - check it out!

Image: Live Action 2

In addition, check out the live action Lupin III X Fiat 500 website for some brand new footage from the film! This includes Lupin, Jigen and Goemon stealing money in a big sack - a very familiar scene to fans of Cagliostro. It also includes a glimpse at the opening sequence, which introduces all of the characters in a stylish manner!

Catch Red, Green and Black Jacket Lupin in cinemas across Japan from August 30th!

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[Source: Lupin III X Fiat 500 / TOMY]