You may remember we recently posted up an update on a cross-promotion between the upcoming Lupin III film and Japanese convenience stores NEWDAYS and Kiosk.

Today we would like to share a little more information on each product. A big thanks to our reporter Leonnie for both the news and the translation.

Image: NEWDAYS Promo

Lupin characters now available to snack on at train station convenience stores!

Sales of 5 different kinds of pastries inspired by each character from Lupin III have been on sale in JR East’s train station convenience stores (NEWDAYS and KIOSK) since August 19th as part of a collaborative promotion with the upcoming live-action film starring Shun Oguri and Co.

* “French Egg Toast” is made to reflect the character of Lupin. A French toast sandwich with scrambled eggs and tomato ketchup, it’s made to be consumed easily in any situation at any time of the day… even for the busy, world’s most wanted thief! (¥134)

* Mine Fujiko inspired “Very Berry”, a sweet pastry with strawberry jam and dried cranberries. (¥134)

* Topped with honey and sugar, “French Toast (flavoured) Steamed Cake” is made to compliment whiskey, like Jigen’s most favourite Bourbon. (¥123)

* The image of Goemon’s Zantetsuken is recreated in “Long Katsu Sausage” - a simple, sausage cutlet hot-dog topped with mustard sauce. (¥139)

* Last but not least, Inspector Zenigata’s “Chicken Nanban Dog”. Juicy chicken and bits of pasta, topped with tartar sauce… This is sure to give you a boost for the day! (¥149)

Each type is sold for a limited time only, so go grab those inspired by Lupin, Fujiko and Jigen now if you’re in Tokyo or anywhere else in Japan where you can find a JR East train station. Goemon’s and Zenigata’s will be on sale from September 2nd and 9th respectively.

[Source: Oricon]