Oh dear.

There isn’t much more that needs to be said. Kotaku East have posted up a review for the recently released live action film and they certainly did not have a good time watching it.

Image: Angry Zenigata

Lupin III is not only a bad adaptation but a bad film in general. It is poorly directed, is full of plot holes, and doesn’t even succeed at giving the necessary amount of Lupin anime fanservice to keep fans interested. Instead, it is nothing but a schlock action movie. While 20 years ago it might have been acceptable among the horde of similar films, that boat has long since set sail. Make no mistake though, it is far from the worst movie I have ever seen but I would definitely not recommend this live-action adaptation to anyone.

This is quite a big deal for those anticipating a release in the West, as Kotaku is a large news outlet and the super bad press is not something the film needs.

With that said, we’ll be making our own judgement once we’ve seen it for ourselves and we suggest you do too!

[Source: Kotaku East]