Takeshi Koike’s 50 minute long animated film is now available to watch in cinemas across Japan. As a result, there are reviews coming in from eager movie goers, most of which are voicing impressions that range from average to positive.

Image: Daisuke Jigen 01

Website Otaku USA Magazine is the first to publish a proper English language review and while it is quite short, it outlines some new details on the film. Be wary before reading though, as there are SPOILERS included!

Gravestone tells a competent Lupin tale with more flair than the average Lupin TV special, as you’d expect from Koike, with a thunderous car chase, a couple good shootouts, and a seriously weird live performance courtesy Fujiko.

Don’t get me wrong: if there’s any one director who gets my vote as the person to carry the Lupin franchise forward, it’s probably Koike, and there’s a post-credits scene that hints this isn’t the last we’ve seen of this particular spinoff series. But Gravestone, unfortunately, doesn’t quite hit the highs of the best episodes of Fujiko Mine or Lupin’s other great capers.

Despite some of the negativities outlined in Matt Schley’s review, there are still enough positives to keep anxious fans excited - myself included!

As someone who generally quite enjoys the Lupin TV specials, it sounds like the film is a solid venture for our heroes. Besides, I personally wasn’t too fond of the weirdness included in Mine Fujiko, so I’m pleased to hear it is absent from this film - but that’s just me.

[Source: Otaku USA Magazine]