Image: Gravestone Cover

TMS are now selling merchandise for the recently released Takeshi Koike animated film, Daisuke Jigen’s Gravestone.

The new store includes a large selection of goods to choose from, ranging from t-shirts to cigarette lighters. There are some awesome looking posters too, sporting some previously unreleased promotional artwork.

Image: Gravestone Poster

The DVD and Blu Ray releases of the 51 minute film are also up for pre-order.

Both formats have a special edition, which retails at 7,333 yen / $72 / £44 (DVD) and 8,424 yen / $82 / £50 (Blu Ray.) The special edition comes, as expected, with more bang for your buck. Included with the film is an exclusive cover, case, art book and on-disc audio commentary.

Image: Gravestone DVD Set

To be honest - I’m a little glad TMS seemingly does not ship outside of Japan. I’d be so tempted to buy it all - my bank account would surely be empty by the end of that order!

[Source: TMS]