There are some slight differences between the animation included in the Japanese broadcast (above) and the Italian broadcast (below) of episode three of the blue jacket TV show, "0.2 percent chance of survival!"

Off-model shots and weird looking parts often get reanimated and touched up for the home video release of anime in Japan. We would guess they did that same process for the Japanese broadcast here, using their time between the Italian broadcast and that one wisely. Studio Telecom are perfectionists, as the original shots aren’t too bad (Lupin’s face is a little off in the Italian version of this second shot with the phones, but not massively!)

Once again, the Japanese version (above) differs to the Italian version (below.) Rebecca has her fancy red phone in the Japanese broadcast, with slight edits to her face. Lupin has been completely re-drawn, and he looks consistent with the previous shot of him on the sofa.

[Thanks, Alex!]