Lupin and company will be kicking off the New Year with a bang on January 8th, as NTV will be airing a brand new 90 minute TV special, produced by Studio Telecom.

The special will be named "Italian Game" and will be linked with the ongoing blue jacket TV series. This will be the first direct to TV Lupin special since 2013's "Princess of the Breeze."

The following information is taken from Anime News Network:

A new Lupin III TV anime special will air on NTV on January 8 starting at 9:00 p.m. The special, titled "Lupin III Italian Game," will air during NTV's weekly "Friday Roadshow" programming block.
The special's story will center on the kidnapping of Rebecca Rossellini (voiced by Yukiyo Fujī), a beautiful business owner who is a featured character in the new Lupin III TV anime series that is currently airing. Upon hearing of her kidnapping, Lupin rushes to her rescue. Additionally, Lupin receives a written challenge from a mysterious person named "The Masked Count" suggesting a contest: who can obtain the "inheritance of Count Cagliostro" first.

The TV special is currently in early production, and it's no doubt that the turnaround time will be tight for the animators at Studio Telecom. The team have posted some early production stills (featuring Ishikawa Goemon) over on Twitter, and you can view them right here.

We are incredibly excited to see more news of the TV special, but we also wish Studio Telecom staff a very Merry Christmas and we hope they have plenty of time to spend with their friends and family this holiday season.

[Source: Anime News Network]