The blue jacket TV series is to get its own Italian theme song, but fans aren't happy!

Giorgio Vanni and Moreno Donadoni are working on an Italian theme song for the upcoming blue jacket Lupin series, but fans are petitioning to get Moreno Donadoni out!

Giorgio Vanni composes a tonne of theme songs for cartoons in Italy, including some of the Italian Lupin tracks. Most of his compositions are for children’s TV shows, with him working on the Italian versions of Blue Dragon, Pokémon, Superman, Cubix, Case Closed, Lucky Luke, Dragonball and much more.

Vanni is back for the blue jacket Lupin series, but it seems he’s brought a controversial friend!

Moreno Donadoni is a young rapper who won the 12th series of Italian talent show, Amici di Maria De Filippi. Since winning the show, he has gone on to produce two albums, twelve singles and has sold over 160,000 copies, gaining him two platinum discs and two gold discs.

But, it seems Lupin fans in Italy aren't happy with his involvement with the new show. A petition on currently has nearly 1,500 signatures, reaching its goal of ridding the show of Donadoni’s presence. A lot of comments seem to fear the new theme song will result in a “dumbing down” of the show, targeting it more towards a younger audience. Let’s not forget, a lot of Italian Lupin fans are of an older generation (as the show did air on TV in Italy back in the 70′s and 80′s.)

Some of the comments on the petition are fantastic. Let’s take a look:

"How can a little boy with a (drawn on) moustache sing the theme song of one of the best series ever."

“I do not understand why you have to ruin my childhood...”

NO MORENO Nooh !!!

Who is this Moreno Donadoni? 

Is he perhaps the Justin Bieber of Italy?

Is the moustache real, or was it drawn on all along?

Regardless of whether the Don stays or not, it seems there will now be both an Italian and Japanese theme song for the new series. It’s nice to have best of both worlds, but let’s hope that Italian fans end up with something they’re happy with!

Big, huge, super "we love you" thanks to GregGuru453 for bringing this to our attention!

[Source: SuperStarz]