Today marks the 77th birthday of Kazuhiko Kato, creator of Lupin the Third.

Kato began writing and illustrating newspaper comics in 1962 at the age of twenty-four. His cartoons became well known for their exciting action, comedic moments and perverted nature. Lupin III made its début in the August edition of Weekly Manga Action in 1967. Kato eventually began writing under the pen name of Monkey Punch and although he has expressed his distaste for it, the name has stuck with him until this day.

The animated video you see above was included as part of the 1979 Jackie Chan film, The Fearless Hyena (known as Revenge of the Dragon in the US.) The style is instantly recognisable to any fan of Lupin III - this animation was done by Monkey Punch himself!

We hope you can all join us in wishing our favourite crazy monkey a very happy birthday!