Giorgio Vanni, writer of the Italian blue jacket Lupin III opening theme has responded to fan criticism.

To summarise, he basically says that they worked hard on the song, made it very catchy and that “you can’t please everyone.”

Vanni says in the short interview that he’s taking all feedback into account, but the impressive amount of views on the YouTube video show things are looking good for Mediaset’s acquisition of the new Lupin III. He says that he understands that Lupin has an older fanbase in Italy, but that he’s pleased Mediaset are opening up the series to new audiences, including the very young.

To us, it sounds like Vanni is gritting is teeth and is trying to spin recent events into a positive thing. Who can blame him, when the petition is reaching nearly 30,000 signatures against his and Moreno’s creation.

He closes the interview saying that he thinks people have the right to petition against something they do not like, but that doesn’t always mean it will change things.

[Source: Movie For Kids (Italian)]