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The missing two episodes of Lupin III Part IV are now available for viewing in the West! Both episodes are exclusive to DVD and Blu-ray in Japan, while they both aired on TV in Italy as episodes six and twenty-two.

Episode 25, "Venice of the Dead", stars Lupin and Rebecca in their very own George A. Romero esq movie flick. But who's filming who - or is the zombie epidemic real after all? Where's good ol' Frank West, when you need him. He's covered wars, you know?

Episode 26, "Nonstop Rendezvous", tells the tale of Lupin's first exposure to Rebecca - and how he came to her daring rescue with the help of Inspector Zenigata. Yes - they're actually working together this time, but not out of choice!

Interestingly, this episode début on Japanese TV as part of the "Italian Game" TV special, though several scenes were missing from this TV size version. For instance, there is a TV special exclusive scene with Goemon cutting away flames from beside the train track after the villain activated the bomb. No such scene is present here.

It's also worth noting that episode 26 includes some re-used footage from episode 24, "World Dissection: Part Two", with Rebecca returning back to the church where her and Lupin were wed. This repeated scene is shown in an entirely different context here - and it makes for a good "alternate" ending for what has become the final episode of the series to make it up on Crunchyroll.

What a way to start the weekend! We hope everyone enjoys the final two episodes of the new show, and we look forward to seeing more from Lupin and the gang in the future! Fingers crossed we get another TV series as good as this one.

[Source: Crunchyroll]