The blue jacket series is set to receive an English dub from the Geneon Entertainment / Pioneer voice cast!

They’re back! Richard Epcar has announced over on Twitter that he is currently directing a brand new English dub for the blue jacket Lupin III series, and it seems like the cast from the English dub of the red jacket series is getting back together!

Not only is Epcar directing, but he has also confirmed that he’s revising the role of hot shot gun slinger Jigen Daisuke. This is good news, as Epcar has always stressed his love for the character, but despite this was given the role of Inspector Zenigata in FUNimation’s dub of "The Woman Called Fujiko Mine." Also returning is Tony Oliver, back in the role of Lupin. 

It’s possible Lex Lang (Ishikawa Goemon), Michelle Ruff (Mine Fujiko) and Dan Lorge (Inspector Zenigata) will also be returning, but there has been no confirmation from Epcar on this just yet.

We would expect the English dub may be coming to streaming services in the US later this year. We have our fingers crossed for it to be included on an English DVD / Blu Ray release. Stay tuned for more information as it happens!


Richard Epcar has confirmed that Dan Lorge (Inspector Zenigata) is the only cast member who will not be returning. That means Lex Lang (Ishikawa Goemon) and Michelle Ruff (Mine Fujiko) are in! But, who will play Zenigata...?

[Source: Richard Epcar @ Twitter]